Comedy Night

For the past 13 years Gregg's Gift has hosted an event focused on celebrating Gregg's life and making a difference in the lives of others.

Gregg loved to laugh, and our annual comedy show honors his sense of humor and his fun-loving spirit.

We need to laugh, we need to remember, we need to carry out Gregg’s wish to help so many others struggling with addiction.

Several of our trusted charitable organizations will be at Comedy Night 2024. We’d love to see you there and share stories and laughter with you.

Over the years both seasoned and upcoming comedians have volunteered their talents to delight our audiences.

Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan has graciously provided the space to deliver incredible laughs from amazing performers while supporting this important fund-raising event.

For 26 years, Gregg lit up our lives with his fabulous sense of humor. We all agree that an evening of comedy is the way he would want to be remembered. And, with that laughter, we can bring down the stigma of addiction and encourage young people to get the help they need before the situation turns far worse and tragic.

Once again, we’ve found that laughter is the best medicine.


Jerry Seinfeld

Save the Date!
Comedy Night 2024 is October 30th

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