Help for Young AdultsStruggling with Addiction

Gregg Grossman

July 27th, 1982. – October 8th, 2008.

Maybe you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs.Perhaps you have experienced the devastating loss of a loved one as we have.Do you share our concern for the welfare of young people while substance abuse continues to grow, and the number of overdose deaths continues to rise?

Let’s talk about helping young adults together. I’ll start:

When my son Gregg was trying to beat his addiction, he told us how hard it was and how he wished he could help others, like himself, who were also struggling with addiction.We at Gregg's Gift are dedicated to carrying out his wish.

Gregg’s Gift carefully chooses organizations with which we cooperate and collaborate to provide:

  • support for at risk youth
  • harm reduction services
  • scholarships for inpatient rehabilitation
  • sober activities for young adults in recovery
  • free rides to recovery services for people living with substance use disorder
  • drug and alcohol prevention and education for children, young adults, parents, teachers, health professionals
  • in patient addiction treatment in Israel, helping those struggling with substance use return to a healthy meaningful life in Israeli society

Together we can raise money to provide help for our loved ones and all young adults who are experiencing substance use disorder.

Questions? We’d love to chat; find us here:

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