Our Mission:  The mission of Gregg’s Gift is to positively impacting the lives of addicted young adults, their families, and our community, through patient scholarships, education, and advocacy.  

Adolescence and young adulthood is a period of rapid growth and change.  Young adults may struggle as they move between adolescence and adulthood and work to establish their own identities.  Experimentation with drugs and alcohol can turn into dependency, abuse, and addiction at this vulnerable stage.  We recognize the specialized needs of adolescents and young adults and the unique issues they face in both treatment and sustained recovery.

Addiction is a chronic yet treatable disease; however, it too often goes untreated.  One reason for this is treatment is expensive and many insurance policies do not cover the long-term addiction treatment often needed to help an addict safely through detoxification, rehabilitation, and continuing care.  More than 23 million people in the United States need treatment for an alcohol or drug abuse problem; sadly, only 10% of those suffering receive treatment at a specialty facility. 

Proceeds from our annual comedy nights go toward the Gregg R. Grossman Endowed Patient Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to young adults in need of substance abuse and addiction treatment.  We believe that no one should be refused treatment because of lack of resources.

Another barrier to treatment is stigma.  This disease is often misunderstood, resulting in many misconceptions about its causes, the people it affects, and how to treat it. This stigma often keeps people from reaching out for the help they need. This is why Gregg’s Gift is also dedicated to raising awareness about drug experimentation, use, abuse, and addiction among adolescents and young adults through our education and outreach initiatives. 

For more information about our current projects, please go to  www.greggsgift.org

Lastly, we at Gregg’s Gift have made a conscious decision to publicize our story in an effort to help break down the stigma that addicts and their loved ones face. Stigma leads to social and legal discrimination against people with addictions. Stigma also impedes addiction treatment and recovery and makes it difficult for addicts and their family members to reach out for support. Help us to break down stigma by spreading awareness about addiction and Gregg’s Gift.